1073 South Broadway Lexington,KY 40504

Dental Services

Gum disease is common in dogs and cats, affecting 70% of pets by age three. Keep their pearly whites sparkling with regular dental cleanings!

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Used to treat musculoskeletal issues, acupuncture is a highly effective, option for pets with arthritis, spinal disorders and many other medical issues.

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Special Needs Boarding

With a veterinarian on site, we can provide your elderly or special needs pet with the care and attention they require when life takes you out of town.

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Pet Supplies

We offer a wide range of supplies for your pet including Frontline, Heartgard and prescription diets, learn more about our products.

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All Pets Are Treated Like Celebrities At Broadway

Welcome to Broadway Veterinary Clinic! We are a full service Veterinarian in Lexington, KY. We know your dogs and cats are more than just pets – they are a part of your family. So it makes sense that you expect the same experienced, high quality, compassionate care as you would any other family member – and that is what we have been providing for over 30 years

General Hours

Monday – Friday
8:30 am to 5:00 pm

We hope to resume hours soon


Curbside service only. Please call upon arrival.